Related posts and entirely unrelated physical goals :)

It's Wednesday, so I'm over at Housewife Eclectic for Wednesdays on the Web. Today's topic is the related posts widget that you've probably seen around on blogs (such as the one you are currently reading and Housewife Eclectic :). Come on over!

And the unrelated physical goals... how are you all doing with Housewife MacGyver this month? I have actually been SO proud of myself. Until today.

It's been rainy here so I missed my 30 minutes of exercise today, and as I type this I munch on a handful of Mother's Chocolate Chip Cookies (I caved... they were on sale!).

But until today, I had been doing great, eating apples and celery and cucumbers and healthy-ish crackers instead of potato chips and chocolatey goodness when I got the craving. And thinking of each of you and needing to report back :) So, starting today, I'm hopping back on the wagon... off the wagon? back on the horse?  Whatever the phrase is for trying again at a goal, I'm doing that. :)

How about you?

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