Seriously way behind

So, I am way behind. In life. And, more importantly to the topic at hand, in blogging. And, I'll be honest: There is absolutely no chance of me catching up anytime soon. I have one ginormous birthday present to finish in a week and about 8 other presents to finish by (or around) Christmas. So, instead, I'll give a you a teaser. Sometime after Christmas (and probably into 2010) look forward to seeing these features:
  1. A show-and-tell of all my Christmas craftings (none of which are strictly Christmasy...)
  2. Recipe reviews: Restaurant Ripoff Sweet Pork, Black Bean Soup, Gingerbread, Caramel Turtles, Ritz Thin Mints
  3. What I think about movies, specifically 12 Angry Men, Inkheart, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Inherit the Wind, Star Trek.
  4. More about the books I've been reading: Unlikely Heroes, Pictures of Hollis Woods, Smiles to Go, The Janitor's Boy, Lemonade Wars, and whatever I pick up at the library today
  5. Whatever else pops into my head
Aren't you excited? And no, this post is really a teaser, not an online to-do list to remind me of what I need to blog about when that time comes -- why do you ask?
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