The spoils of positive thinking

 Remember my etsy wishlist for the CraftGossip giveway a bit ago? And remember how I told you that it was MY giveaway to win? And how I was letting the power of positive thinking work for me?

It worked! I won!

Told you so. ;)

I think my mail carrier must think that I have an online shopping addiction (which may or may not be true... when I have the budget for it...) because the packages have been pouring in. One day my little house-side mailbox was stuffed full: one mailing tube, one small package, and three big envelopes. I should have taken a picture but I was far too excited about opening the packages to document the moment. :)

The spoils of my positive thinking:
peekaboo print from Papers Edge
loves language flower print from HoneyTree
set of 5 vintage earth-tones ties from Creative Kismet
1 yd mod apple oilcloth from Oilcloth Addict
Plus these little red beauties that I've been wearing practically since the moment I opened the package:
red coral earrings from Simply EC
And these fantastically wonderful charms that came later (since they shipped from Singapore!):
antique silver charms from Rock Chix Supplies
And, to make good things better, the people at CraftGossip have been awesome work with. There was a problem ordering one of the items on my list, so they let me choose another item, no muss, no fuss. (They have several other giveaways going on now, too, if you want to check them out on their giveaways page.)
This was my replacement item that should be here any day....
one yard of green apple oilcloth from Tadaa Studio.
Reversible apple oilcloth high chair cover... check ;)
I've always loved CraftGossip because they save me the work of following every creative blog in the blogosphere by, essentially, doing it for me. Now I just have more reasons to love them. :)

I'm not greedy, so I'll be sharing some of my spoils to spread the CraftGossip love. Stay tuned for that...

And, it's Wednesday, so I'm over at Housewife Eclectic today too. Come learn some of the background and basics of HTML. Nothing scary, I promise. :)


elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I'm a little jealous . . . that's a lie . . . I'm a lot jealous . . . but I'm also excited for you at the same time. What an amazingly cool windfall! If I had won those earrings, I may have taken the trouble to go get my ears repierced. ;)

Brandy@YDK said...

Super awesome stuff!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Yay for the power of positive thinking!! Congrats! I love those earrings. :)

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