A CraftGossip Christmas Wishlist

The good folks over at CraftGossip are hosting yet another fantastic giveaway: win your own Christmas gift. Anything from anywhere, up to $150 purchase and $20 shipping. Woohoo!

So... what to choose? Well, remember how I'm a runner? I'm kind of a slow runner. I'd like to be faster, but that requires some training, running timed intervals to increase my pace and such. And that training would go so much more smoothly if I had one of these:
link to purchase @ Sam's Club
It's a Garmin Forerunner 350. Say what? It's a fancy-schmancy portable GPS watch unit for runners. It will do just about everything a runner needs, except for tie your shoes. (Although that feature may be included in the fancier, schmancier 450 model... for only twice the price.)

Once you've gone through the intense work of tying your shoes, the 350 takes over from there. You can run or bike indoors or outdoors and it will track your pace, compare your pace to your previous excursions on the same route, and even alert you if you drop below or go above your targeted pace. It can also monitor your heart rate and tell you how many calories you've burned. And then it will scrub your kitchen sink.

So... that's what's on my Christmas list. At least the electronics section... ;)


Nick and Keira said...

It might be because you love to read, but I love your wit and personification when you write. :) I don't understand blog buttons, high tech-walking devices, or how to embroider, but you make it hilarious!

Megan Harmeyer said...

LOVE IT! I have one of the first generation publicly available Garmin GPSr...I cannot believe how small they've become in what? Less than 10 years!

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