I must confess... I've changed

Yes, it's true: I've changed.

Recently, I've changed a lot.

I've changed my blog header, twice.

I've tweaked my blog navigation bar, also twice.

I've added a favicon (that little four-square icon next to just Lu in your browser tab and address bar).

I've removed my blog background (after much debating). 

I've added a fun little post divider (scroll down to see it).

{ See all this stuff you're missing if you're only reading in a blog reader? You should really click over sometime ;) }

And, oh yeah... I went from
this ... to ... this

I love the new versatility! It fits all of my crazy moods:
Plus, I've gotten pretty good at the self-portrait thing :)

And I love all of these changes. Some changes take some getting used to...  I mean, I really liked that blog background and, oh yeah, that 6 inches of hair I chopped off. ;) But, for the sake of simplicity, both needed to go.

So... that's what's been changing around here. Any exciting changes in your neck of the woods?


elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Love all the changes! Hair is super cute! And it's great that you have so many hairy options. ;)

Tera said...

I love your hair! I'm getting mine cut on Tuesday. Should be fun.

Amber and Mike said...

I love your new hair cut! It's so cute on you. Oh, and you make me laugh with those facial expressions. I miss being around you, friend. You have a great personality and it definitely shows through your blog. LOVE IT.

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