Weekend Crafts: felt and paper creations

I had an awesome crafting weekend. Which now must be followed by an awesome Monday of cleaning and catching up on non-crafting things, so today you just get a short teaser.

On Friday, I finished this awesome felt game board for my niece's 8th birthday (inspired by Elizabeth's fabric tic tac toe game board at twelve crafts till christmas):

It's double-sided, with tic tac toe on one side and checkers on the other. Buttons hold the game pieces to the board, and each side has two pockets for the game pieces. When  you're done playing, just roll the board up and away you go! Off to wonderful 8-year-old adventures.

And then Saturday was my monthly craft day with the Crafty McCrafters. It's really just my two SILs and two friends, but we've given ourselves an awesome name, right? I love craft day because I get to craft with other people. Sometimes I say things and they laugh, and not because I was pulling a funny face (like I do to make my 1-year-old laugh). *sigh* It's nice to have friends. :)

Last month we chalk-colored embroidery (I will share that... eventually) and this month we made these awesome quilled (curled paper) letters (following and inspired by Kara's tutorial at Craftastical):

I loved them so much that I've already made another one and have one more in the works:

If all goes as planned this week (but when does *that* ever happen?), I'll share tutorials for both of these, plus a couple other little crafts that I've yet to post. First though... the housework... wish me luck!

Happy Monday!


elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I want to be a member of the Crafty McCrafters!!!!!!!

Love your gameboard and your letters!

Nick and Keira said...

You did BOTH of those?? Not fair. I was going to post about mine, but ... maybe not. :)
It's nice to have friends, too. :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I would LOVE to have a craft group! How fun is that?! Your quilled letters are amazing... so much detail. Love 'em! And I love the colors you chose for the game board. Older girls are so difficult to buy/make things for. I'm filing this idea away for later.

Melissa said...

Quilled monograms are so pretty and yours are definitely lovely. Great job.

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm in love with those quill letters!

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