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I come from a family of teachers, I married a teacher, and for many years I dreamed of being a teacher. I love schools and stories about schools and teachers and student-teacher interactions. I guess you could say I love the theory of teaching just so long as I myself don't have to practice it. :)

Report to the Principal's Office by Jerry Spinelli

Four kids' paths cross on the first day of school at Plumstead Middle School. Sunny Wyler is determined to get herself kicked out of school. Eddie Mott is scared to move on to middle school, but he has a three-point plan for fitting in. Pickles Johnson is a legend. And Salem Brownmiller is a future famous writer who takes careful note of the drama.

Final word: B. I enjoyed the different characters, and I think that most kids could connect with at least one of them, if not some part of all of them. It's the beginning of Spinelli's School Daze series, so there are other novels that follow these same characters, too, all of whom are entertaining.

The Teacher's Funeral by Richard Peck

My mom, an elementary school librarian, recommended this book as one of her favorites.

Fifteen-year-old Russell Culver's teacher dies in August, just before school is set to start again. His dream of quitting school and travelling to the Dakotas to work looks like it is going to come true--until the school board hires another teacher. Even worse, the new teacher is Russell's sister, who is determined to keep Russell and all the other students in school.

Final word: A-. Peck creates one-of-a-kind characters who fit just perfectly in Hominy Ridge, Indiana. The book is a great combination of events that are funny and thought-provoking,

The Secret School by Avi

I saved my favorite for last. :)

Ida Bidson is on her way to her dream of becoming a teacher, until the one-room school in her Colorado valley is shut down. Determined to pass the eighth grade and continue on to high school, Ida decides to become the teacher, keeping the school open secretly.

Final word: A. I loved this book. Ida is strong but yet real in her insecurities. The different characters are so fun to read about, and I loved seeing the relationship between Ida and Tom, the other eighth grader. The only thing that keeps this from an A+ is that I was a little disappointed with {spoiler alert!} how the sweet young romance between Ida and Tom doesn't get it's full justice at the end.

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Debra Joy said...

These look fun! I only wish our blasted library had a bigger selection!

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