The Reading Machine continues...

Three more books I've read recently! (I've hit a bit of a roadblock reading some grown-up books...)

Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff

Hollis Woods is a twelve-year old artist who has been in and out of so many foster homes she can't remember them all. She is "a mountain of trouble" and she runs away from every foster home, even the family who loves her. Finally Hollis is sent to live with Josie, an elderly and very forgetful artist whom Hollis loves. Rather than let Social Services separate them, Hollis escapes the system yet again, with Josie in tow.

Final word: B+. This is one of my husband's favorite books, so I expected to love it, but I just couldn't quite connect like I'd hoped. Hollis is a very strong and independent girl, and I just want to hug her and slap her at the same time. :) I adored Josie, and I loved viewing Hollis' world through her pictures.

Kneeknock Rise by Natalie Babbit 

Young Egan visits his aunt and uncle in Instep, the town at the base of a hill mountain called Kneeknock Rise, which is home to the legendary Megrimum. On stormy nights, everyone in the town can hear the moans and cries of the monster. No one has ever dared to find the Megrimum, but Egan is curious....

Final word: A-. I read this book when I was younger, and I didn't like it. When I read it again, I really liked it! It's a quick read that has some great insights into human nature -- what we believe and what we want to believe.

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Sam Gribley is sick of living in a crowded New York apartment, so he heads for the Gribley property in the Catskills where he plans to make his way with his wilderness knowledge and his supplies: a penknife, a ball of cord, an ax, $40, and some flint and steel.

Final word: A. I have read this book half a dozen times and I still love it. I love thinking of times when it was (more probably) possible to run away from it all. I love Sam's resourcefulness and his observations about nature, about himself, and about people.

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Debra Joy said...

My goodness. My list keeps growing and growing because of your recommendations. I just spent $25 on books though so I will probably have to hold off for awhile. I did get my hands on Murder on the Orient Express thought!

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