Friday Confessional: The paranoid and lazy edition

para·noid  \ˈper-ə-ˌnid, ˌpa-rə-\ adj.  
extremely fearful

la·zy \ˈlā-zē\ adj  
disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous
see also: idle, slothful, apathetic

I confess that I either shred or keep all mail that has personal information on it -- name, bank info, etc. That's not so weird, but it is weird that I can't bring myself to put EMAILS with similar information in the (virtual) trash, either? Because I'm paranoid somehow someone might go through that (virtual) trash and find it?

I confess that I am extremely fearful of opening our Harry Potter closet (the cupboard under the stairs) because of the spiders. Instead of opening it myself, I will wait until my husband gets home or has free time and then make him open it and get whatever I need.

I confess that my husband put down those sticky tape card thingies to catch the spiders in the aforementioned Harry Potter closet and that makes my heebie-jeebies even worse. The spiders stuck to the card may be dead, but now I *know* that they were there. And where they were, more surely are.

I confess that we got back from vacation last Thursday. And I, in all my lazy talentedness, managed to put off doing the dishes OR the laundry until yesterday. One full week of doing NO housework.

I confess that it wasn't actually me who did the dishes yesterday -- it was my energetic husband. I did do the laundry... mostly so that our son would have clean pajamas.

I confess that I was REALLY surprised at my last doctor's appointment when I had only gained 5 lbs. I thought that my slothlike tendencies of late plus all of the Texas bbq and Mexican food (and all the junk) we ate while visiting Debra would translate into much more than that... Happy dance!

I also confess that, as happy as I am that I haven't gained monstrous amounts of weight with this pregnancy like I did with my last, I am slightly paranoid about the fact that I don't really look and/or feel as pregnant as I did last time. It nice to still be comfortable, and the baby is measuring up exactly right, but still... a little paranoid.

I confess that my toddler picked up a lot of new words while we were in Texas. I confess that we've only deciphered about 4 of them. And why do kids always seem to add a K sound in the middle of a word that starts with an F? Frog, fork, and fountain are all new words and all sound bad coming from my sweet toddler's lips. So now I am also paranoid about him speaking when strangers are present :)



Damaris said...

I remember Gordon adding a k to all words starting with an f. I felt the need to translate whenever others were around, so you're not the only one with paranoia over that one!

Brandy@YDK said...

ya F words and kids are not friends.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

This was so funny Lu! Thanks for the smiles this morning.

Megan Harmeyer said... need another vacay to get away from all the paranoia. LOL My little boy still isn't talking much. He's saying a lot but we really can't understand much at all and it bugs me. Happy weekend! Enjoy being slothlike this weekend.

Nick and Keira said...

hahahahahaha I really like your Friday Confessionals!!

jessica said...

hahhaaha harry potter closet, so funny, great description. spiders totally creep me out. especially the really really big one. the ones my cat wont kill and i have to do it. never fun.

im a new follower btw.

Unknown said...

I would freak out over the spiders too. Yikes! Those sticky things creep me out.

I didn't know you were pregnant. Or maybe I did, and I just can't remember.

Anyway, congrats on this pregnancy! When are you due? Do you know what you are having yet?

Debra Hawkins said...

I confess that I am completely lazy, so lazy that I just want to be lazy. I had spider, I hate cockroaches. I just want the bugs to leave me alone. Do you think there will be bugs in the millennium?

AndreaLeigh said...

I think it is great you are so careful about mail. I just rip stuff up and toss it in the trash. I need to be more careful!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I'm the same way with the shredder and hoarding years of bank statements, etc. I really don't know why that is. And I don't think twice about the email, either.

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