Kid's Sewing Kit [Land of Nod knock-off]

It was my niece's birthday back in October, and as I was thinking of what to do for her, I came across this Land of Nod kids sewing kit, featured over at Gwenny Penny. Lightbulb! (Thanks for the inspiration, Gwen!)

As cute as it was, $31 was out of my budget... not to mention that I have no idea if there is a physical Land of Nod location in my state. I've only ever browsed online for inspiration. :) (If you're interested, theirs is on sale right now for only $17.)

A trip to JoAnn's and a visit to my stash produced...

My out-of-pocket cost was around $13:
  • snap n' stack organizer, $6
  • scissors, $2
  • embroidery floss, $2
  • measuring tape, $1
  • small spool of ribbon, $1
  • googly eyes, $1
  • needles, on-hand (I ended up including one darning needle and one sharper needle, in a simple felt needlebook)
  • felt, on-hand
From my felt, I cut out some fun animal shapes for her to sew together:

The elephant was from this Taffy Talk pattern, and the other shapes were from coloring pages I found various places online.

I also cut out some felt puppets, from She Wears Flowers, and tossed in a few random scraps for her to make her own embellishments.

Just toss the supplies in the tote (or other container), snap it together, and toss a bow on top. Or, if you're like me, skip the bow and make up for it by saying "Happy Birthday!" extra enthusiastically. :)


Andi said...

LU this is SO cool!! I would have loved this as a kid!! And I love that it is so much cheaper AND more personal!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This turned out great, Lorene! I love the animal shapes that you chose. The elephant is so cute! Great gift!

Life Happens said...

What a cute idea. I bet your niece loved it!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is sooooo fun!

The Pink Hamster said...

This is perfect for my daughter turning 5! Can't wait to make it!!

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