A giveaway from a GREAT blog

In the above title, please hear the Tony the Tiger Frosted Flakes kind of "GRRRREAT!"

Have you ever found a blog that just feels like home? Every post you think, "Amen to that!" or "Gee whiz, what a great idea!" or "Why didn't I think of that because that is an amazing idea?" You feel like if you ever met this author, you would be great friends. You can't help but tell everyone you know about this blog.

For me, this blog is twelve crafts till christmas.

I love everything that Elizabeth, the brains behind the twelve crafts, does. I love the basis of her blog (hand-crafting all the gifts for Christmas 2010, one project per month). I love her writing style and her honesty--read her note on blogging manners in the left sidebar for an example. I love her true confessions and her newest weekly feature, Monday's Buttons, which I sincerely wish I had thought of first because it's not only great, but it's unique. This list could continue, but I'll stop there. The most accurate way to describe our relationship is probably idol worship, but since that's creepy (and also a sin), we'll call us blog-friends instead. Because, yes, she replies to comments. The perfection never ends.

Anyway... the point is, go take a look at twelve crafts till christmas. To add to the regular goodness, she's hosting a $30 CSN giftcard giveaway.


Sandi Linn Andersen said...

I also enjoy Elizabeth's blog. :-) I get what you mean about almost "idol worship". When I find a blog I really like, I follow it closely. Almost feel like a stalker but that's creepy, too. Let's just say I become a "very devoted fan of several very cool blogs!" :-)

Sandra said...

well since I love crafts and I'm impressed by everything you had to say about this blogger, I'm off to check her out. You're not so bad yourself! I rather enjoyed your positivity and your selflessness in promoting your bloggy friend's blog! Kudos to you!

Home-Mom said...

following from housewife eclectic ;)

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