The Sunshine Blog Award

Debra over at Housewife Eclectic was kind enough to award me with the Sunshine Blog Award! My first award. I am so honored!

And now, as a proud recipient, it's my honor and duty to pass it on! I've chosen three of the blogs that I follow that always bring a little sunshine in my life:
  • Real Mom Kitchen: All of her recipes are fantastic, and most of them even use things that I already have in my cupboard! Nothing makes my day like a great recipe that doesn't involve an extra trip to the store!
  • Little Page Turners: Do you love to read? Do you want ways to help your kids love to read? Little Page Turners is so fantastic. Three kids' books per week with fun ideas for crafts and activities to do with your little ones.
  • Melissa Davis Designs: I love free stuff. MDD has a freebie every Friday. *contented sigh*
Thanks again to Debra for the award!

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