Reaching for Sun

I want this summer
to be a wildflower-seed mix.
And me, surprised
by what blooms.

Reaching for Sun is the story of Josie, a middle school girl with cerebral palsy, a hovering mother, her first friend, and a gardening grandmother. Josie tells her story through free verse prose that is straightforward and talkative in parts and elegantly descriptive and heart-touching in others. Her prose carries you through a full year of ups and downs, and at the end, I just loved Josie and wanted to give her a hug and take her out for ice cream.

Final word: A. Definitely worth checking out from the library. The loose prose makes it a quick read, but reading it out loud (like I did to my baby) gives it so much more meaning. I teared up at the end just thinking of my own gardening grandma.

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